Pretty in Pink: Rethinking Elle Woods

The opening sequence of Legally Blonde is all pink products and blond hair. We cut between scenes of college and sorority life – a girl being catcalled by frat guys as she bikes…

Five things I don’t miss about 90s/early 00s Bucharest

I am very aware that some of you who didn’t live through this exciting time in Romania are going to find this list very strange, so I’ll just dive in: 1. Being chased… Continue reading

Graduation celebration student speech

I was the student speaker at the graduation celebration and reception for BA Journalism students, City University London, on July 21. I’m posting the text of my speech here for the few who… Continue reading

Five things I learned in journalism school

I’m graduating two weeks from today, so I thought it would be helpful to list down a few things I learned in the last three years, and things I wish I did more.… Continue reading

Mukti Jain Campion: Journalism needs curiosity to be more inclusive

Originally posted on MEDIANE THEMATIC ENCOUNTER – 11-13 JUNE 2014:
Journalism needs more curiosity rather than a tick-box approach to diversity in the media, said Mukti Jain Campion, founder of Culture Wise. Speaking at…

AS IT HAPPENED: Mary Honeyball MEP gives a European perspective

Originally posted on MEDIANE THEMATIC ENCOUNTER – 11-13 JUNE 2014:
Labour MEP Mary Honeyball gave MEDIANE a European take on media diversity inclusiveness and gender issues. Her talk included marginalised groups but focused on…

Keith Vaz: “The hardest moments have passed” for Romanians

Keith Vaz MP addressed the media coverage of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria while speaking at a Speed-Networking event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad on March 29. He said he… Continue reading

The Charta: news two weeks later

The Charta starts its crowd-funding campaign on March 25, asking for £325,000 to assemble a team of journalists to give us the news two weeks later. Editor and co-founder Carolina Are said The… Continue reading

Food waste: where does it come from and how do we stop it?

Originally posted on Thrifty City:
People in the United Kingdom waste  £23 billion worth of food every year, the equivalent of around 18 million tonnes. A third of this comes from households, which…

Bucharest in the snow, still on the move

This weekend saw Bucharest and several other counties in Romania blanketed with snow. What started out with a fairly peaceful snowfall on Friday turned into an orange alert for heavy snow and gusty… Continue reading

We need to talk about youth unemployment

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of plans to ban benefits for under 25s who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). Under such measures, unemployed young people would lose access to… Continue reading

FAQ: So they froze student loans for Bulgarians and Romanians…

Here’s a list of questions and answers about the situation that will hopefully clear some things up. Last updated on Dec 2. 1. What, they get loans? Yes, EU students can get student… Continue reading

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