The Charta: news two weeks later


The Charta starts its crowd-funding campaign on March 25, asking for £325,000 to assemble a team of journalists to give us the news two weeks later. Editor and co-founder Carolina Are said The Charta will report on notable events long after the mainstream media has shifted its focus.

Ideas will be listed, researched and then re-evaluated two weeks later, when new developments will be included and the relevance of the story will be re-assessed. Are said this approach made sense in a world where the media jumps from one story to the next in a confusing manner. “A war doesn’t stop just because the media isn’t reporting about it.”

She said stepping away from this cycle may sound very idealistic, but it’s for a good reason. “We don’t want to be subject to the short term inaccuracy and bias that you get when you want to report something in real time. Sometimes you just end up following a liveblog or the Twitter updates to find out what’s going on, and that’s not enough to get the whole picture.“ The site also aims to reacquaint its readers with the pleasure of reading online without constant interruptions.

A taste of what The Charta can deliver.

The mock front page already has some notable bylines, including journalist and lecturer in media policy Benedetta Brevini, professor Suzanne Franks, and senior law lecturer Claire de Than. Should it reach its goal on Kickstarter, The Charta will then be financed through individual readers’ subscriptions costing £75 per year.

Are said: “We would also like to get a board of advisors to help with any difficulties, being it legal or related to publishing. We are very committed and we work hard, but there are people who have more expertise.”

The  £325,000 sounds like a lot of money for two young entrepreneurs just leaving university to ask of the public, but Are and co-founder and publisher Charles-Édouard Van de Put are optimistic. There’s definitely a precedent for financing journalism start-ups through crowd-funding. Dutch online news website De Correspondent raised $1.3 million (over £781,000) in just three weeks. The Charta may be bringing you “the news two weeks later” sooner than you think.