Stylish Imitation: “The Choice”

Short story placing an ancient mythical plot in the modern world, supposedly in the style of James Joyce or modernism in general. Adapted for the Weekly Writing Challenge. The cell phone on the… Continue reading

Short dictionary of fandom vocab

Sometimes I have to stop in the middle of my internet activities, which usually include looking at yet another Doctor Who photoset or trying to find a story I read three years ago… Continue reading

Britain in a Day: it’s great to be human

Britain in a Day is a BBC project aiming to create a self-portrait of life in Britain in the 21st century. I’ve had the chance to work on it for one day archiving… Continue reading

Notes from a London 2012 broadcast logistics assistant

During the Games of the XXX Olympiad, also knows as London 2012, I have been working for Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) at Greenwich Park, the venue which hosted the Equestrian events and Modern… Continue reading

Facebook and Spotify: Sharing is caring?

There’s no denying music is important to social interaction. It’s something you can bond over with people or find refuge in when you feel let down by reality. Sharing your love of music… Continue reading

Reporting Conflict – Advice for student journalists

The National Union of Students (NUS) brought together student journalists from all over the country back in March for a full day of training at Kings’ College Student Union. Speakers included Rob Bailey… Continue reading

Using Twitter to improve literacy rate

One in five children in Britain leaves primary school without the skills needed to cope with a secondary education curriculum, said Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw. Literacy standards in Britain have recently become… Continue reading

Why read or write fan fiction?

Fan fiction is the label generally given to stories written by fans of original works. The stories usually use characters and settings from canon, but create their own plot-lines. Fanfics are almost always… Continue reading

FIVE most annoying people at gigs

Live music events are supposed to be a joyous occasion where you get to see your favourite artists perform their greatest hits and meet like minded people who might become your best friends. I’ve met… Continue reading

Fashionese For Beginners

Let’s start with a simple question. What colour is the sky? If you answered blue, I’m afraid you need to be more specific. But don’t worry, you have plenty of shades of blue… Continue reading

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