Food waste: where does it come from and how do we stop it?

Thrifty City

People in the United Kingdom waste  £23 billion worth of food every year, the equivalent of around 18 million tonnes. A third of this comes from households, which means we are throwing away a staggering 6 million tonnes of food. Between the money we waste in the process and the increased campaigning against food waste, why is this still such a problem?

Double cost

Waste prevention officer Katherine Winrow says a lack of education is at fault. “The average family currently throws away 50 pounds a month worth of food, with 25 per cent of that not even out of its packaging. We’re trying to say ‘look at the money you’re literally throwing down the drain!’”

She also highlights the ecological impact of food waste. Some residents assume that if the food waste is going to landfill then it’s not a problem as it will just break down. In reality…

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