AS IT HAPPENED: Mary Honeyball MEP gives a European perspective


Labour MEP Mary Honeyball gave MEDIANE a European take on media diversity inclusiveness and gender issues. Her talk included marginalised groups but focused on gender issues.

Video Interview: Mary Honeyball MEP talks media inclusiveness and gender issues

17:37: Honeyball says women are still “very marginalised” within the media. She has come straight from Brussels to City University London, and says she’s very pleased that there are now more Labour MEPs than men, “the first time we’ve managed to achieve that”. She says he is a great believer in quotas. She gives Sweden as an example of a country that manages to have a parliament that is half women. Honeyball says even Sweden would be struggling without quotas. How are we going to tackle the problem?

17:41: “It’s absolutely appalling”…

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