Keith Vaz: “The hardest moments have passed” for Romanians

Keith Vaz MP and Romanian Ambassador to the UK Dr. Ion Jinga attend a Speed-Networking event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad.

Keith Vaz MP addressed the media coverage of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria while speaking at a Speed-Networking event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad on March 29.

He said he admired the way Romanians integrated into British society. “The hardest moments have passed. Immigration is beneficial for this country and the freedom of movement is critically important and no one should tell students that they are not welcome in the UK.”

The event at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London brought together the Romanian community in the UK as part of a wider Mentorship Scheme.

Dr. Ion Jinga, Romanian Ambassador in the UK, was also present and spoke of the importance of professional mobility in the context of today’s global opportunities.

The speaker panel also included Shreya Paudel, the future NUS International Students Officer. Paudel said: “We firmly support the Romanian students and plead for their right to free movement in EU and UK. We will strongly collaborate with Romanian students in the near future.”

Some 150 participants attended the event, whose aim was to create a mentorship platform for professional experience sharing between well-established professionals and Romanian students in the UK.

The e-mentoring program will continue for a period of six months, finishing on October 4 with an awards ceremony. Andrei Ioan Stan, coordinator of the UK Branch of the League of Romanian Students Abroad, said: “We are trying to help our British friends discover and, equally important, remind ourselves that there are many lenses through which Romania can be viewed.”