Keith Vaz: “The hardest moments have passed” for Romanians

Keith Vaz MP addressed the media coverage of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria while speaking at a Speed-Networking event organised by the League of Romanian Students Abroad on March 29. He said he… Continue reading

The Charta: news two weeks later

The Charta starts its crowd-funding campaign on March 25, asking for £325,000 to assemble a team of journalists to give us the news two weeks later. Editor and co-founder Carolina Are said The… Continue reading

Food waste: where does it come from and how do we stop it?

Originally posted on Thrifty City:
People in the United Kingdom waste  £23 billion worth of food every year, the equivalent of around 18 million tonnes. A third of this comes from households, which…

Bucharest in the snow, still on the move

This weekend saw Bucharest and several other counties in Romania blanketed with snow. What started out with a fairly peaceful snowfall on Friday turned into an orange alert for heavy snow and gusty… Continue reading

We need to talk about youth unemployment

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of plans to ban benefits for under 25s who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs). Under such measures, unemployed young people would lose access to… Continue reading

FAQ: So they froze student loans for Bulgarians and Romanians…

Here’s a list of questions and answers about the situation that will hopefully clear some things up. Last updated on Dec 2. 1. What, they get loans? Yes, EU students can get student… Continue reading

What’s a pop-up education and where can you get one?

Open minds, curiosity, comfortable armchairs and an open bar. These are just some of the things that attract budding entrepreneurs to City Unrulyversity, the pop-up university that takes over Unruly’s Clubhouse, a cosy… Continue reading

Why do we like foodporn?

Everyone “loves to hate” the compelling pictures of food people post on Instagram and Facebook, Chloe Cook from The Futures Company told Digital Shoreditch in May. Sharing images of meals and coffees is something most social media… Continue reading

How to make a video go viral

If you ever wondered what makes the internet world go round, I’ve got the answer for you: it’s cats. “Cats are in the fabric of online”, said Will Cooke and John Burkhart from… Continue reading

Let’s think about thinking

Our instincts about thinking are in fact “rather poor”, behaviour change expert Nick Southgate told Digital Shoreditch in May.  It turns out we tend to to overestimate how much thought other people give… Continue reading

We’re all Romanian immigrants, deal with it.

The Evening Standard wrote about a group of homeless Romanians sleeping in Grosvenor Square, sheltering under the 9/11 memorial. After sharing this article with some of my Romanian friends who also study in… Continue reading

Romanian high-school heavily criticised for supporting LGBT History Month

A teacher at a high-school in Bucharest, Romania, has been heavily criticised for teaching her secondary school students about LGBT History Month. National Bilingual College “George Cosbuc” (CNBGC from now on), which I… Continue reading